Summer candle collection is hand painted with blue, burnt orange, and green squares and stripes with white, yellow, red, and blue flowers overlay.  Happy, and not only fun for summer and cheery year-round! Fair Trade home decor.

Summer Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
Valentines Day hand made and hand painted candle collection.  Red & white  with whimsy hearts, dots, and circle graphics.  Fair trade home decor.
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn timeVotives 2" / 6-pack - 2 hour burn time
Whimsy Christmas Candles collection is just that ! Whimsy Christmas trees, snow flakes and Christmas ornaments hand painted in white on red, green and/or white candles. Touches of green and red. Fair Trade home decor.
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn timePillar 3"x4"- 50 hour burn timePillar 3"x6"- 75 hour burn timePillar 3"x8"- 100 hour burn timeCube 2"x2"x3" - 20 hour burn timeCube 3"x3"x3"- 45 hour burn timeVotive 2" / 6-Pack - 2 hour burn time
White on white hand painted candles have a floral or graphic design painted in white on a white candle. Beautiful as they burn as the candle lights from within and shows the artistry on the candle.  Fair Trade home decor.