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'Love them and my customers love them too.'

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'I used the shabbat small candles for Yom Kippur—had 40 people for dinner and the candles were beautiful!'

Gayle K.

Kansas City, Missouri

'Since we started selling your candles our candle sales really picked up! I think our customers love the beauty of your hand-decorated fair trade candles and they love that you have such a big selection of designs.'

Susan C.

Mosaic Fair Trade Collection, Eugene, Oregon

'My wife loves these candles. I am impressed with how clean they burn and how nice they look.'

Richard F.

Miami, Florida

'The Kapula candles fit well in our museum shops. Our customers love the story of the women that make the candles, and the fact that each one is hand painted. The candles sell well all year.'

Laurie D.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

The mugs did arrive and in excellent condition! WE LOVE THEM! They are the most attractive mugs that we have in our cupboard... You can be sure we will be back again for something else! '

David and Darlene

I LOVE the handpainted candles!

JoAnne S.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cycle of Success.

We encourage entrepreneurial spirit by supporting artisan companies in South Africa.
This support translates into economic self-sufficiency that helps our artisans - most of whom are single mothers - care for themselves, their families, and contribute to their communities.
Working together with our artisans to offer unique, high quality home decor items.
Thumbprint Artifacts is a proud to be a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation. We are fully committed to equitable and sustainable trading partnerships.
Reducing our Carbon Footprint
We are joining the effort to create a sustainable future by supporting Grow Ahead and working in partnership with small farmer organizations to replant trees and conserve forest systems, therefore reducing our carbon footprint.
For a broader selection of Fair Trade products, please visit our Thumbprint Fair Trade Marketplace!