Individually Poured & Hand Painted Candles

Made by Artisans | Non-Toxic Color Pigments | Fully Refined Paraffin Wax | Cotton Wicks | Unscented | Smokeless
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Safari Gold hand made and hand painted candle collection.  Hues of brown painted in squares and stripes with gold and dark brown ethnic design painted on top.  Fair Trade home decor.

Safari Gold Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Klimt Candle Collection.  Cream candles with touches of black, gold along with hints of blue, red, green, & turquoise make them a contemporary choice.  The photo is a taper candle pair in pewter taper holders, 2" cube and 3" cube candles, 3x4 Pillar, 3x6 Pillar and 3x8 Pillar candles, with one 2" votive.
Pair of Tapers 9"Pillar 3"x4"Pillar 3"x6"Pillar 3"x8"Cube 2"x2"x3"Cube 3"x3"x3"Votive 2" / 6-Pack

Klimt Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Halloween hand made and hand painted 9" dinner tapers. and 2" votives.  Painted in traditional Halloween designs; skulls, spiders, bats, and halloween colors. Taper candles are shipped in a match pair. Fair Trade.

Halloween Painted Candles

$ 12.50 – $ 19.00
African Sunset dinner tapers and votives!   Orange & yellow.  Smokeless and unscented. Fair Trade.
Desert Rose handmade and hand painted candle collection.  Beautiful colors of the African desert; golden yellow, turquoise blue,  browns, orange. - warm and stunning.  Fair Trade home decor.

Desert Rose Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Animal Print hand made and hand painted candle collection.  Each candle is painted  with all the 'prints' of african animals.  Dinner tapers, pillar candles, cube candles, and votive candles. Fair Trade.

Animal Print Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Colorful 'Hippie' designs hand painted on a selection of candle colors.  9" dinner tapers and 2" votives.  Fun 'woodstock' designs.  Fair Trade home decor.
Pair of 9" TapersVotive 2" / 6-pack

Hippie Painted Candles

$ 12.50 – $ 19.00
Set of 7 candles; taper pair, cubes, pillars, votive. White base with green, orange, turquoise, and lavendar stripes. Overlay of pigment colors with a variety floral and leaf designs.

Magic Garden Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Memphis Stripe candle collection. Handmade and hand painted with stripes of assorted colors, turquoise, golden yellow, burnt orange, purple, dark green, brown & beige.  Fun!  Fair Trade home decor.
African Sky hand made and hand painted candle collection.  Dinner tapers, pillar candles, cube candles, and votive candle 6-pack. Fair Trade.

African Sky Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Blue Moon hand made and hand painted candle collection.  Hues of blue with touches of yellow and read.  Fair Trade. Available in dinner tapers, pillar candles, cub candles, and votives.

Blue Moon Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
Henna Red on White taper candles and votives are handmade and hand painted.  Red henna designs on white candle.  Fair trade home decor.
Pair of Tapers 9"Votive 2" / 6-pack
Berry blaze hand painted candle collection.  Bright red with darker berry design.  Beautiful glow from inside as they burn. Fair Trade.

Berry Blaze Painted Candles

$ 11.00 – $ 32.00
African Ladies candlle collection. Tapers, pillars and cubes all with whimsy African Ladies painted on the side. Hand made. Fair Trade.