The Unity Basket 250ml scented candle and gift box.  The box is in the black & gold pattern of the Zulu basket given at weddings to represent the woven strength of the marriage and family.  The glass jar of the candle has the same black pattern.

Unity Basket Scented Candle

$ 32.00

The Unity Basket collection is a tribute to the skilled Zulu artists that create unique woven baskets traditionally gifted at weddings from bride to groom. The elaborate and intricate basket pattern symbolizes a new union and represents the wealth and power of a family. 

The 250ml candle is made from a soy wax blend and perfume-grade fragrance oils imported from France with single a cotton wick. The decorative candle glass can be rinsed and upcycled once the candle is finished and be used as a vase for flowers or hold household goods. Burn time of approximately 35 hours. Handmade in South Africa.

The fragrance is a light blend of lime, cashmere, cardamom, and musk.

Wonderful gift for you friends - or for yourself!

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