The Unity Basket 200ml room diffuser and gift box. The box is in a 'basket design' that is the symbol of a tightly woven marriage and family.  The glass bottle has the same pattern in black, with black reeds. Stunning!

Unity Basket Diffuser - 200ml

$ 56.00

The Unity Basket collection is a tribute to the skilled Zulu artists that create unique woven baskets traditionally gifted at weddings from bride to groom. The elaborate and intricate basket pattern symbolizes a new union and represents the wealth and power of a family.

The 200ml geometric glass fragrance diffuser is made with perfume grade fragrance oil imported from France and comes with natural reeds painted black. Lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. Handmade in South Africa.

The fragrance is a light blend of lime, cashmere, cardamom, and musk.  

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