Soy Body Candle - Harmony - Rose, Geranium & Jasmine - Tumbler - SPECIAL OFFER!

$ 10.00

Classic Tumblers (220ml) are the original SoyLites candle range and still the most popular. With a beautiful, even, 50 hour burn time, value and quality combine to provide beautiful aromatherapy scents and luxurious body moisturizing benefits.

The 'Harmony' Tumbler burns a beautiful scent of rose, geranium and jasmine. The floral blend crates inspiring feelings of serenity and joy with sweet, feminine undertones.

The dual use of SoyLites products is one of the most sought after qualities. While on the one hand our candles burn beautifully and are environmentally friendly, the warm oil that forms around the wick when burning is full of Vitamin E and Lecithin and is an amazing moisturizing and nourishing treatment for all skin conditions.

Perfect for use in the home, office, bathroom or as a unique and memorable gift!

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