Pink on Pink hand made and hand painted taper candles and votive candles.  Light pink background with dark pint and white desiign.  Sma;; breast cancer symbol in incorporated in to the degisn.  A donation for he purchase of these candels go in suppor of Pink Drive.
Pink on Pink candles are shipped in a matched pair with story card or 2" votive candles tht are shipped in a gift 6-pack.  The darker background shows off the tapers burning.
Pink Drive logo.
Local women waiting by the Pink Drive bus for their appointments.  Pink Drive sevices those who are not able to travel to a clinic for cancer screening.

Pink on Pink Painted Candles - SALE! - support South Africa´s best Breast Cancer Care

$ 8.00

Size: Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn time

Size: Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn time
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn time
Votives 2" / 6-pack - 2 hour burn time

Our Pink on Pink candles offer support to South Africa´s best-loved Breast Cancer Community Care, PinkDrive. This non-profit organization is South Africa´s first mobile mammography and breast cancer educational unit. 
SALE! SALE! In an effort to increase sales and make additional donations to this charity, we are offering this collection at a discounted price!

*Lovingly hand poured and hand painted in South Africa.
*Crafted primarily by single mothers from the local rural community.
*On average, the artisans support an extended family of 12-15 people.

*Highest quality natural paraffin wax with 100% cotton wick
*Unscented, smokeless, and free from added toxins  
*Tapers packaged as a matched pair
*Each candle is uniquely made. Your delivered candle will likely appear slightly different from the website photo, but consistent with the theme of the collection.

*First burn time: 1-hour for every inch diameter
*Wicks should always be cut to ¼” prior to lighting
*Avoid drafts – they cause dripping!
*Ensure candles are extinguished prior to leaving the room

Learn more about the artisan hands that make these fair-trade products!