Pastel & Gold Candle Collection. Beautiful combination of pink, turquoise and gold.  Handmade and hand painted in South Africa.  Fair Trade home decor.
10 designs of Delight. 10 tapers,one in each color & design variation.  Pink, Gold, Turquoise, and white.
Delight 9" taper pair in pewter taper holders. Pink, turquoise, gold & white combination in dots, stripes, and designs. So fun!
Pastel & Gold 3" X 4" piillar candle that glows from the inside when it burns. Burn time 60 hours.  Hand made and hand painted.
Pastel &  Gold 6" Pillar candles with hints of turquoise glows from within while it burns. Burn time is 80 hours. Handmade and hand painted.
This 3" X 8" Pastel Gold pillar candle burns 100 hours and is a stunning addition to any dinner table!  Handmade and hand painted. Fair Trade.
Pastel Gold 2"  X 3" cube candle in pink, gold & turquoise.  Handmade and hand painted.  Fair Trade.
This 3" X 3" X 3" Pastel Gold cube candle glows from the inside while it burns. Handmade and hand painted. Fair Trade.
Pastel Gold votive candle selectin on pink, turquoise and gold. Sold in a gift pack of 6. Fair Trade home decor.
Each candle comes wrapped in sustainable cello with a story card.  Votives come in 6 pack, tied with story card.
Delight taper pairs come in a matched pair tied with story card.
Lifestyle photo of the Delight collection.  Pillars, cubes and 2 tapers, burning with some pink lilies along side.  So soft and so beautiful!

Delight Painted Candles

$ 13.00

Size: Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn time

Size: Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn time
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn time
Pillar 3"x4" - 50 hour burn time
Pillar 3"x6" - 75 hour burn time
Pillar 3"x8" - 100 hour burn time
Cube 2"x2"x3" - 20 hour burn time
Cube 3"x3"x3" - 45 hour burn time
Votive 2" / 6-pack - 2 hour burn time

Make the occasion a special 'Delight' with these beautiful pastel & gold candles!
*Lovingly hand poured and hand painted in South Africa.
*Crafted primarily by single mothers from the local rural community.
*On average, each artisan supports an extended family of 12-15 people.

*Highest quality natural paraffin wax with 100% cotton wick
*Unscented, smokeless, and free from added toxins  
*Tapers packaged as a matched pair
*Each candle is uniquely made. Your delivered candle will likely appear slightly different from the website photo, but consistent with the theme of the collection.

*First burn time: 1-hour for every inch diameter
*Wicks should always be cut to ¼” prior to lighting
*Avoid drafts – they cause dripping!
*Ensure candles are extinguished prior to leaving the room

Learn more about the artisan hands that make these fair-trade products!