SoyLites - Candle and Moisturzier all in one!

SoyLites - Candle and Moisturzier all in one!

SoyLites votive

Is there someone on your Christmas list that is hard to find the 'right' gift?  Try  SoyLites!  Wonderful as an aromatherapy candle, but also as a deep skin moisturizer. Hand crafted in South Africa. You really can't have enough of these. I have one on my desk that I burn everyday and use the oil on my hands... what a difference it has made!

Great Benefits;

  • Effective as a general hand and body moisturizer for all dry skin types,
    wonderful for cracked heels, cuticles, treats dry lips, elbows and knees
  • Aromatherapy oils leave your skin smelling naturally beautiful
  • The nourishing warm oil is rich in vitamin E and lecithin
  • Aids the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions
  • Can be used on stretch marks and scars and even minor abrasions
  • Easy to clean if it spills! Use a cloth, warm water and low dilution of soap
  • Emits no toxic fumes while burning

Wonderful skin moisturizermoisturizer for all skin typesEasy to apply; 
SoyLites candles melt at a low temperature, forming a pool of oil when burning.  To apply, simply dip your fingers into the outer edge of the oil pool and apply where required.

Travel Lites - perfect moisturizer at the end of your day.
And there is more! SoyLites is not only proud of their local team of artisans but also proud to be a product sponsor for the Home of Hope orphanage for girls, located just outside Johannesburg, South Africa, making it a gift that keeps on giving.....

You might want to gift yourself a SoyLites this Christmas!

Happy Shopping.....