New Year's Good News

New Year's Good News

African Ladies hand crafted ceramicsFive years ago, Becky and I decided to try to do something to make a difference.  Tired of 'Corporate America' and depressing world news, we felt it was time for a change.  Living in South Africa, I was aware that job creation was and still is a principal challenge for this country.  Unemployment runs at 27.5% overall, the majority of whom are people ages 18 - 25, and most of whom are single moms.
Kapula Hand poured and hand painted taper candles
I came across wonderful artisanal products with no route to market outside the country.  It made sense that if we could open up a  new market for these artisans, it would lead to the need for more people to be trained and employed to make the products!

Artisan at Kapula hand painting candlesThen we met the team at Kapula.  Located about 2 hours outside Cape Town in a small farm community, here they make beautiful hand poured and painted candles and ceramics. In addition, 80% of their workforce are single women trying to support themselves, their children and extended families.  Our mission was then clear -  if we could open up the USA market, it would create additional demand for the product, and therefore create more job opportunities at Kapula.

Kapula hand painted pillars 4 years on, we are making great progress on our mission!  In 2018, Kapula trained and hired 42 new artisans, most of whom are single moms. And we're not finished yet!  Thumbprint Artifacts sales are continuing to grow year-on-year with Kapula products now selling at some of the most prestigious museums, gift stores, and fair trade shops in the States.   We will hope to double that number of 42 in 2019!

Each purchase has an impact on these artisans lives, each purchase helps to create more product demand and more job opportunities  - so be part of the 'good news', you too can make a difference!

Kapula is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization. 
Thumbprint Artifacts is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.