Fair Trade October & A Silent Auction

Fair Trade October & A Silent Auction

October is Fair Trade Month and we are happy to be part of the Fair Trade Federation. When we started our company, one of our main goals was to use our business to better lives around the world and in our own neighborhood. For us, being part of the Fair Trade Federation and engaging with like-minded companies has always been a core value of Thumbprint Artifacts. 

The current landscape of the environment, poverty, and equality is far from perfect. From Detroit to Johannesburg, inequity is present and purchasing power can be such a powerful mechanism for change. Companies have the ability - and in our eyes, the responsibility - to make positive changes to provide consumers with the support they need to shop ethically. 

Co-owner Becky shares, “I’m proud to be part of the fair trade movement. The choices that we all make with our purchase decisions can impact the lives of others, as well as our environment, on a global scale. Each of us can be part of the change for a better world that works towards equality in pay, fair wages, safe working conditions, the elimination of child labor, and respect for the environment.” And other Co-owner Kris adds, “I feel our participation in Fair Trade Federation confirms our commitment to working to make the world a better place; striving towards equality, seeking joining prosperity, and aspiring to save our environment.”

This month we are proud to announce that we are a part of the Fair Trade Silent Auction. The auction features beautiful, unique, and fun items from all over the world, donated by 70 different verified fair trade companies. The auction is running from October 14th to October 28th. There is a live virtual event on the final day of the auction, October 28th at 7PM EST. You can register for the event here and see all available items, and start bidding here! If you’re interested in checking out or bidding on our donation, we are number 28, “Handcrafted Items from South Africa”.