Meet us under the Shinola Clock…..

Tick tock, tick tock
We are under the Shinola Clock -Every Sunday…….
Come visit us at the Eastern Market in downtown Detroit,  Shed 3, Booth 312!
Great vibes, music, food, & loads of shopping
But for those of you who can’t make it or prefer to shop from the peace of your home and the comfort of your sofa, we have an Eastern Market special offer.  Shop shop shop over our website and receive 20% savings on all products by using the coupon code EASTERNMARKET20.  
But the clock is ticking and this is a limited time offer, so if we don’t see you at the market, we hope to hear from you over the website soon!
Don’t forget, each purchase makes a difference to our artisans and their families.  In addition, Thumbprint Artifacts makes a donation from sales to Save the Rhino to support them in their mission to protect this endangered species.

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