Beaded lion figurine. Made from recycled wire outline and beads strung throughout, of golden yellow and brown with a large whimsical mane. Fair Trade Decor. Fair Trade Gifts. Handmade Gifts. Handmade Decor. Handbeaded.
The artist, Godfrey at a craft fair in South Africa. He's standing in between various wired animal heads he created. From left to right: silver wire water buffalo head, silver wired Greater Kudu (horned antelope), other wire animal heads on the right side are colorful.

African Beaded Lion

$ 16.00

These delightful beaded lions are made from recycled wire and beads, all hand twisted and strung by self-taught artist Godfrey and his team in the Salt River suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.

As in real life, each animal has its own personality! The lions are approximately 3" - 4" tall. And as they are handmade, no two are the same. Whimsical and regal, this little lion has traveled a long way to tell you his story.

As each animal is hand beaded and unique, the color of beads you receive may be different than what is photographed.

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