The selection of beaded African animals key chains; elephant, ostrich, zebra, hippe, giraffe, warthog, pink flamingo, rhino, penguin, & lion. Colorful, fun and cute.
Beaded elephant key chain, handmade with blue & golden beads.  Truck up for good luck!
Beaded giraffe keychain, handmade in golden & blue beads. So cute! Fair Trade products.
Beaded Hippo key chain. Hand made in red beads. & mouth wide open!
Beaded Lion key chain, handmade with a golden body and brown mane. So cute and a good protector of your keys.
Beaded ostrich key chain. Hand made in brown with white flicks. It's a big bird!
Beaded penguin key chain. Hand made with a black back and a white tummy, just like the tuxedo that a penguin wears!  Fair Trade products.
Beaded pink flamingo key chain. Handmade with a pink body and black beak.  Sweet!  Fair trade.
Beaded rhino key chain.  Handmade in green & golden beads.  Cute!  Fair trade products.
Beaded warthog key chain. Handmade in turquoise & brown beads. Looks mean and very cute at the same time! Fair Trade products.
Beaded zebra key chain. Handmade with black & white stripes in beads! So cute & fair trade product.

African Beaded Animals - Key Chains

$ 7.00

Type: Elephant

Type: Elephant
Pink Flamingo - NEW!
Warthog - NEW!

Cutest little African animals made from recycled wire and beads make wonderful, whimsy key chains! All handmade in the Salt River district of Cape Town by Godfrey and his team.

Each animal is approximately 1" to 2.5" in size so it fits easily in a pocket or purse.

As each animal is hand beaded and unique, the color of beads you receive may be different than what is photographed.

Find out more about the Hands that Make this Fairly Traded product!