World Fair Trade Day & Mother’s Day – Celebrate Women of the World!

World Fair Trade Day & Mother’s Day – Celebrate Women of the World!

Out of 1.3 billion people living below the poverty line, 70% of the poor are women. The main reason?  Women often lack access to modern technologies, capital, land and other resources that enable them to benefit from economic development.  They also lack self-confidence.

Themba and Phebee stinging beads for Godfrey's animalsWomen who overcome these obstacles become empowered to be the ‘solutions’. Solutions to poverty, solutions to poor health for themselves and their families, and solutions to the weaknesses in their communities.  This hidden, incredible potential can be reached from the support and on-going encouragement that is offered by member companies of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

WFTO companies receive fair prices for their products. This allows them to provide their employees with long-term income security, life skills training, on-going coaching, no discrimination, no slavery, and good working conditions. This support system helps to build self-confidence, income generation and self-pride that empowers the women to provide for themselves and their families.  Read here to find out more.

These are the type of artisan companies we support in South Africa, those that make a difference. While Kapula is a Guaranteed Member of the WFTO, we visit and come to personally know all the companies that make our beautiful products. We ensure they embrace Fair Trade policies and working conditions, and some of them are like joining an extended family!  

Thumbprint Artifacts supports this work ethic within our Cycle of Success. We purchase directly from the artisan companies.  As we purchase more, it creates a need for the artisan company to hire and train more people of the community. This is where you come in; each time we sell a product, it relates to more product we need to purchase, sustaining and creating these employment opportunities - and so the process becomes one continuous Cycle of Success!

Perhaps it is no coincidence that this year World Fair Trade Day falls on the same weekend of Mother’s Day in the USA.  Both days recognise Mother’s around the world who make such an impact to the lives of their families, friends, and communities.  Let’s celebrate the occasion by reaching out to Mother’s and giving a gift with a powerful story behind it.

Lead photo – That’s Peggy.  She started at Original T-Bag Designs as a young, timid, single mom who also provides for her parents.  Though the support and training she has received at the company, she has grown into an outgoing, self-confident woman. She is their top sales person, manages the Original T-Bag designs shop at the V&A Waterfront, and was invited to join a trade mission from SA to visit Germany and speak about the company and the impact it has had on her life.  Peggy says she was ‘blessed’ so find this opportunity.