Thumbprint Designs…..


blue_ensembleLooking for some new home decor ideas?  Something that gets the ‘Oh Wow!’ reaction when your guests come for dinner?  How about mix and matching these wonderful hand painted Kapula Candles for a unique display of colours and designs.

This is a combination of Blue & White, Blue Moon, Multicolor Ethnic tapers held by different size taper holders.  Mixed in is a 2′ X 3′ Blue & Green cube, and a 2′ X 3′ Cape Dutch cube.

They all show their colors and designs brightly when burning and the lights are low.

Be creative and have fun mixing and matching the Thumbprint Artifacts Designs to add a bit of splash to your home decor and dinner table!  Please send us what you have put together – and we will say thank you by sending you a $10 savings coupon of your next purchase.  Post your photo to our Facebook page
….can’t wait!  : )

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