NYNow... here we come!

NYNow... here we come!

It is that time of year again - time to head to New York City for the NYNow Gift Show!  The gift show happens twice each year, early February and mid-August.  And – IT IS HUGE

There are about 9,000+ exhibitors taking over 850,000sq ft. of space in the massive Javits Center located in New York City.  If you were to walk down every isle and look at every booth, you would need at least 1 full day and that is if you did not stop for a conversation with one of the exhibitors, lunch, or to use the rest room! 

Who attends?  Buyers of all kinds; for gift shops, museums, art galleries, Judaica shops, music shops, department stores, e-commerce sites, interior designers, big chain store, small boutiques, and more.  We even had a buyer visit our booth from a hardware store!  And as the world globalizing, we are starting to see buyers from all over the world because this is THE gift show!

Fortunately for us, we are part of Handmade Global and have our ‘own special floor’.  Out of the 9,000 exhibitors, our floor represents about 500 exhibitors – all of who are rather special because we all share a common mission.

Regardless of what we are exhibiting in our booths, we all support artisans from outside the USA.  All the artisans follow fair trade practices, many of whom are living in third world countries, and most of whom are women who would not have employment if it wasn’t for this connection to the US market that helps them sell their products. It is a great feeling to have so many like minded ‘friends’ all working so hard to make a difference!

So if you are in New York, February 3 – 7, let us know as we would love to have you come visit us.  I promise you, this show is something to see!