Meet Peggy – Original t-Bag Designs

PeggyMeet Peggy. She has been working at Original t-Bag Designs for 8 years. She is from Limpopo which is located on the Eastern side of the country, about 500 miles from where she lives and works today. Many people ‘head West’ in South Africa as there are more employment opportunities in the Western Cape. Peggy’s daughter tea lights

Peggy_s_daughterThis is Peggy’s daughter. Peggy has a partner and this lovely daughter of 4, but she also looks after her mom & dad as she is the bread winner of the ‘family’ – which is actually made up of over 20 people. When Peggy first came to the Cape, she was very shy and lacked any self-confidence. Her Aunt was then working at t-Bag and brought Peggy into the workshop one day to show her what they were making. Peggy thought she would enjoy the hands-on work of painting the tea bags and using them to make these wonderful designs. She quietly watched her colleagues and decided ‘she wanted to do that’!

neighbourhoodThis is Imizamo Yethu. This is the township that is walking distance to the t-Bag workshop. Peggy and most of her colleagues live in Imizamo Yethu. Their employment at t-Bag has helped many move their families from leaking shacks to small homes.

Peggy_in_the_shopToday Peggy paints tea bags, prepares the designs as well as works in the resin room where the t-Bag designs on sealed on to the products. In addition, her lovely outgoing personality has blossomed and she has become the top sales person in the company. She helps in the workshop showroom as well as looks after their shop in the Victoria & Albert Waterfront Shopping Centre.

Peggy is the first to tell you how important her job at t-Bag is to her and her family, how much it has changed her life, and how ‘blessed’ she was to find it.

She tells her customers that the Original t-Bag design products are ‘something very unique and you can’t find these products anywhere in the world.’ She also knows how important each purchase is to her and her collegues. ‘Every sale makes a difference to our lives’.

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