Make your holiday candles last longer!

Make your holiday candles last longer!

Short days, dark cold nights, ‘tis the season… for candle burning!  In order to ensure you maximize the life of your candles, here are a few tips to guarantee they burn properly and are long lasting.

Follow there candle care tips for long lasting candles*Always ensure the wick is no longer than ¼” before you light it.

*Create a burn pool the first time you light your candle, especially for pillar candles.  To do this, light the pillar and burn 1 hour for each 1” in diameter.  Subsequent times you can light your candle and burn for as long or little as you like.

*Avoid drafts! Even candles that are drip-less cannot resist dripping if caught in a draft.

And for your home safety, please ensure candles are extinguished prior to leaving the room.

Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy the long-lasting beauty of your glowing candles this holiday season!