Looking through the glass half full!

Multicolored mug that can be used for a hot drink, or in the case a pot for  your favorite plant! Fair Trade Gifts

Wow, how the world changed in a matter of two weeks.  Closed doors, cancellations, lock downs, shut windows, protective wear…. we are doing everything to isolate and be alone.  It is not our ‘norm’.

So for a moment, let’s ‘open up’ and start to plan for Spring!  Bright colors, fun flowers, cheery sunshine, and wonderful warmth!  All the magic combinations of Kapula Fair Trade candles & ceramics….

Pink on Pink taper candles & votive candles in a box of 6

Pink on Pink!   Taper candles & votive candles.
Every purchase of these candles creates a donation to Pink Drive, a cancer prevention charity in South Africa.
African straw flowers outside the Kapula Candle Fair Trade Workshop

Blue & Green Candle Collection - taper candles, pillar candles and votive candles

Blue & Green hand made candle collection.
A favorite of everyone’s for Spring & Summer.  These beauties are all hand poured and hand painted by talented artisans, most of whom are single moms.

Carousel hand made ceramics; mugs, serving dish square, small bowls & matching spoons. Fair Trade

Carousel hand crafted ceramics.  A great colorful addition to anyone’s Spring dining table.  And these bright ceramics are all microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Flowers near the Fair Trade candle and ceramic workshop of Kapula.

Blue Moon candle collection - taper candles and pillars. Fair Trade

Blue Moon hand painted candles - taper candles & pillar candles.  The purple hews of this candle collection just SHOUTS Spring!

And there’s more… click here and explore the wonderful world of African color and Fair Trade Gifts in the beautiful ranges of candles and ceramics by Kapula, a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Hoping you and your loved ones stay healthy during this challenging time.  Let's look through the glass half full and we WILL get through this….