Kapula ceramics – as unique as their candles

Selection of colorful hand made ceramics by Kapula. All are microwave and dishwasher safe. Fair Trade Gifts

Handmade and hand painted ceramic mugs and serving dishes. Fair Trade.

Thumbprint Artifacts has a secret to share… the Kapula handmade & hand painted ceramics are as beautiful and as hand crafted as their fabulous range of candles!  After each piece is poured and molded, it is hand painted and fired four times, creating a durable yet delicate product. 

Ceramic artisans busy at workAll pieces are microwave and dish washer safe!  This makes the square dish, for example, ideal for hot dips as you can take it from your microwave directly to your appetizer table.  And when the dip is finished, the dish goes right in the dishwasher!

Check out our selection of mugs, serving dishes, spoon rests, tea pots and soap dishes in a wide range of very colorful designs! 

Blue & White Batik hand made & hand painted ceramics.  Dishwasher & microwave safe. Fair Trade.We have just added a new collection; Batik. This contemporary design still has a flair of Africa, which is no doubt a subtle message to you from the Kapula artisans in South Africa who make these lovely pieces that add some fun to your home decor! 

The ceramics are all Fair Trade Gifts that keep on giving. Each purchase makes a difference and helps the process of moving these artisans, most of whom are single moms, to self - sustainability.   Not to mention the ceramics add a wonderful splash of color to any table setting!