Doing Kapula in the home of British rowing!

doing kapula in henley 003


Here we are Doing Kapula in the Home of British rowing; Henley, England. Ever heard of the Henley Regatta?  Yep, this is the place!  And that just happens to be the Leander 8 finishing their workout for the next world competition.

We want to see where you are Doing Kapula! Post your photo of Doing Kapula with the hashtag #thumbprintartifacts and we’ll enter your name in the BIG prize drawing for a pair of tapers, design of your choice. Drawing to take place on 31 March. Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #thumbprintartifacts for your entry. And remember that each time you purchase one of the hand made and hand painted Kapula products, it makes a difference to the lives of our artisans who make Doing Kapula possible.

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