Ceramics at Julians

Ceramics at Julians

An Accountant who followed his passion … that is the story behind Julian who started Julians in 1996.  Pottery was his hobby and in the farm community where he is located, Julian realized that he could follow his passion while providing opportunity for locals and help them make a difference to their lives.  Here are a few of those who now enjoy their lives and the skills they have been taught by Julian.

Vincent & Thabang spinning the clayAfter the clay is made, the ‘jigger’ works the clay at the spinner.  Vincent has been at Julians for 4 years.  His previous employment was a brick layer but the work was not steady and he has a son to support. So Vincent joined Julian as a clay maker.  Showing his potential talent, Julian taught him the technique and now he loves his job as a jigger – so much so that he wants to teach others. 

Thabang, his colleague, only just started at Julians 4 months ago and is Vincent’s first pupil.  Now he too is spinning away as a jigger.   Thabang was a builder but there was no work in the winter so he had to find a steady job to support his family.  Fortunately fate lead him to Julians.

Working alongside Vincent and Thabang is Lee who is a ‘caster’ pouring clay in the mould.  Lee has been at Julians 4 years and values her job.

Madine has been at Julians for 2 years.  She is a ‘fetter’ having the responsibility of finishing off the ceramic piece after it has been baked in the Kiln. 

These are some of the talented artisans who make the creative pillar candle holder/vases that we have recently introduced to our product line.  These unique pieces created by Julian himself, stand as an elegant pillar holder, but then turn them upside down and it is a lovely flower vase! 

We also can thank the team at Julians for our candle coasters, a perfect base for our colorful pillars and cubes.