Celebrate Independence Day by helping bring Independence to others!

Celebrate Independence Day by helping bring Independence to others!

Red, white and blue taper candles and votive candles

Deck the halls for summer in Red, White & Blue!  Yes, it is that time of year again!   Days at the beach, outings on the boat, BBQ’s in the back yard, and fishing on the dock.  Not to mention our favorite celebration of the year - the 4th of July, Independence Day

Henna blue on white candle collectionWhy not celebrate our independence by helping others gain theirs?   Your support of Fair Trade products does just that.  With a purchase of a Fair Trade product, you are helping move the artisans who make these products, many of whom are single moms, into self-sufficiency, gaining their independence and their ability to provide for themselves and their families.   

Henna red on white taper candles and votive candlesThumbprint Artifacts is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF).  We also are proud to support the artisans of Kapula Candles & Ceramics, a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Federation (WFTO).

White on white candle collectionSo bring on the Red, White and Blue!  We have a huge selection to chose from.  Shop Here! And with each candle you burn, you can celebrate not only YOUR independence, but that of the artisan who you are helping to gain theirs!