A question for May 11, World Fair Trade Day

Artisans from Kapula Candles, a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation

Hand made bird houses -fairly traded
World Fair Trade Day takes place on 11th May.  While it is organized by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the aim of the day is to celebrate Fair Trade around the world and encourage the public to choose Fair Trade goods in an effort to become fair and ethical consumers.

Fair Trade is a trading partnership that observes the human rights of all involved, paying fairly for goods and services that have been sustainably sourced and also engaging in supporting the fight against economic crisis, poverty, gender inequality and climate change.
Recycling tea bags into decorative hand crafted home decor fairly traded
Ask yourself if you know where and how the clothes you are wearing were made?  Where and how was the food grown and harvested that you are eating?  If we all knew the answers to those questions every day and every meal - and were happy with the knowledge - we'd be getting closer to the goal!

May 11 is a day for everyone to ask those questions......We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation

Thumbprint Artifacts is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation. It is a 360° approach that's  about building true partnerships with artisans and working to create positive change.