Julian's Hand-Painted Linens & Ceramics

Julian Keyser takes great pride in the vast range of ceramic products and hand painted linens on offer at Julian's Hand Painted Linens and Ceramics.  These are produced by his dedicated team, located in the heartland of the Overberg region of the Western Cape, South Africa.  His artisans are drawn from the local community and trained in the factory. This provides employment for many, especially single mothers, who otherwise would not have an income to support themselves and their families.

Once an Accountant, Julian followed his passion of making pottery.  Each contemporary and African design is created by Julian himself – exclusive designs are also available.  

The linens are produced in the upstairs studio, currently maned by a team of three very talented women.  Once trained, the fabric ‘artist’ creates the beautiful hand painted linen item without use of a pattern.  Every piece starts with a plain white piece of cloth!  We currently offer a selection of the exquisite table runners and aprons.

Our candle coasters are made exclusively for Thumbprint Artifacts by Julian’s team downstairs in the ceramic factory.  The artisans also produce our range of pillar stands that also serve as a flower vase; creative, unique, and beautiful!