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Godfrey's Handmade Animals

Godfrey started his creative career with handmade animals and cars out of coke cans 15 years ago.  Now he has a small team that work with him in Salt River, just outside Cape Town, where he designs and makes character animals out of recycled metal, wire and beads – each screaming with personality!

George, one of Godfrey's team members,  is pictured here making a rhino out of recycled strips of tin. He has been working with Godfrey for over 10 years helping out with these handmade animals.

Godfrey’s other family members work with him to help support the family.   His wife, Rudo, sells the animals at the local markets around the Western Cape.  His daughter, Plaxedes, along with colleague Patience, string the beads on to the long wires which are  then stretched over the animal frames that Godfrey creates.  The talented Godfrey has the ability to use a long nose wire clipper like a second hand!

Godfrey and Rudo have another daughter and son who are attending school but help out whenever possible.