Summer Collection

Summer candle collection is hand painted with blue, burnt orange, and green squares and stripes with white, yellow, red, and blue flowers overlay.  Happy, and not only fun for summer and cheery year-round! Fair Trade home decor.

Summer Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
Carousel Candle Collection are hand painted in an array of wonderful bright colors. Fun and cheerful. Dinner tapers, pillar candles, cube candles and votive candles. Fair trade handmade in South Africa.

Carousel Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
Blue & Green hand painted candle collection. Wonderful hues of blue with touches of sea green. Available in taper candles, pillar candles, cube candles and votive candles. Fair Trade.

Blue & Green Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
Arniston hand made and hand painted candle collection , inspired by the Arniston seaside village.  Fish, starfish, and sea shells are the painted images on the candles. Fair Trade.

Arniston Beach Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
African Ladies candle collection. Tapers, pillars and cubes all with whimsy African Ladies painted on the side. Hand made. Fair Trade.

African Ladies Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
African Sunset dinner tapers and votives!   Orange & yellow.  Smokeless and unscented. Fair Trade.

African Sunset Painted Candles

$ 13.00 – $ 19.00
Red, White & Blue hand crafted taper candles with brass candle holders, and two votive candles. Red, white, blue, and gold pigment paintings.
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn timeVotives 2" / 6-pack - 2 hour burn time
Carousel Ceramic collection; mug, small bow, small square, and spoon rest. Colorful and fun!  Hand painted in orange, turquoise, red and yellow, with dots, swirls and stripe overlay designs.

SALE! Carousel Ceramics

$ 11.00 – $ 20.00