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Klimt Candle Collection.  Cream candles with touches of black, gold along with hints of blue, red, green, & turquoise make them a contemporary choice.  The photo is a taper candle pair in pewter taper holders, 2" cube and 3" cube candles, 3x4 Pillar, 3x6 Pillar and 3x8 Pillar candles, with one 2" votive.
Pair of Tapers 9"Pillar 3"x4"Pillar 3"x6"Pillar 3"x8"Cube 2"x2"x3"Cube 3"x3"x3"Votive 2" / 6-Pack

Klimt Painted Candles

$ 11.25 – $ 32.50
4 VERY colorful coffee mugs; base colors of Jasper Green, Orange, Yellow & Indigo Blue.  Topped with orange, yellow, green & red dots and stripes. White inside.

Ceramic Mug

$ 40.00
Hand made pewter taper candle holder, small approx 1.5"
Small Silver SingleSmall Silver Pair
Gracious Coast Tartan Candle Collection is a wonderful pattern of red, blue and green.  Fair trade candles.
Pillar 3"x4"Pillar 3"x8"Cube 2"x2"x3"Cube 3"x3"x3"
Gracious coast stripe candle collection bring the colors of the sea to your table, blue, green, and red. Hand painted  candles and Fair Trade.
Pair of Tapers 9"Pillar 3"x4"Pillar 3"x6"Pillar 3"x8"Cube 3"x3"x3"