Red White & Blue

Red, White & Blue hand crafted taper candles with brass candle holders, and two votive candles. Red, white, blue, and gold pigment paintings.
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn timeVotives 2" / 6-pack - 2 hour burn time
White on white hand painted candles have a floral or graphic design painted in white on a white candle. Beautiful as they burn as the candle lights from within and shows the artistry on the candle.  Fair Trade home decor.
Henna Red on White taper candles and votives are handmade and hand painted.  Red henna designs on white candle.  Fair trade home decor.
Pair of Tapers 9" - 8 hour burn timeVotive 2" / 6-pack - 2 hour burn time
Batik Hand made and hand painted ceramic collection.  Blue and white geometric designs with touches of red trim and dark blue inside.  Muge, small bowl, small square, and spoon rest. Fair Trade.
Mug 12 oz. - 4" x 3"Spoon Rest - 8.5" x 3"