Thumbprint Artifacts supports GrowAhead in their mission to plant trees and create a sustainable future.

Greenhouse Gas emissions from shipping are up 70% since 1990 and are projected to grow by up to a further 250% by 2050 (source)

FACT: To ship a 10lbs.package from Los Angeles to New York on standard ground shipping produces about 38 pounds of carbon.

What are we doing about it?

Grow Ahead logo. Grow Ahead works with small farmers to combine farming and planting trees to create a more sustainable carbon free future.

Thumbprint Artifacts is proud to be in partnership with Grow Ahead! We are actively taking responsibility for our carbon footprint by planting trees in community-driven reforestation projects.

Grow Ahead develops local partnerships with small-scale farmer organizations and they fund community-led reforestation projects. These projects support organizations with the resources and education to plant trees in agroforestry systems that go on to support community food security and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15-18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agroforestry is a solution that benefits farmers AND the planet!  Agroforestry basically means planting trees, cash crops (like coffee and cocoa) and food together in a food-forest system. This allows farmers to restore water and nutrients to their soil, increase production of food, generate income through organic and fair-trade product sales, and enhance their climate resiliency by pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. A win-win- win!


Bio diversity diagram that explains how planting trees with farm lands helps to preserve the soil as well as diminish carbon gases.


And it all can start with only $1.00!
$1 = The seedling, planting, and monitoring of one fully grown tree.

This includes:

  • Cost of the installation of nurseries
  • Technical Assistance to run the reforestation project
  • Transportation of seedlings from nurseries to reforestation areas
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new plantings including the creation of community associations for conservation.
  • Community educational programs on the benefits and importance of reforestation for the environment and farmer
Benefits of Planting One Tree:
  • Sequesters 40 pounds of carbon per year 
  • Provides important habitat for flora and fauna
  • Retains water and restores nutrients to the soil
  • Generates income for farmers
  • Supports local community food security

    Thumbprint Artifacts donates each month to Grow Ahead to support their mission and work towards our sustainable future as a carbon neutral company!